Elliot Duran
Graduated University of California, with several years of experience as a writer in financial field, Elliot is now sharing all of his passion of stock markets.
Interested in world tech business  and solar energy.
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Andy Rich
Our next writer was assistant of international business. Andy needed to leave his position because of his family business. Now Andy Rich’s Interests are connected with marketing and distributing. He loves writing his blog and keeping us on what’s new in international business, while traveling and making seminars.
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Rose Merritt
Rose studied medicine in University of Pennsylvania. After more than 32 years of practice, now she is happily retired. She now helps us understand both the medical and business angle of the health industry through her experience.
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Crystal Strong
Growing up in a family of environmentalists, Crystal loves nature and the environment. Since child, her passion of green economy is continuing inspiring through blogging and her writing. She gets most of her knowledge in this sphere through her student years in University of Alaska Anchorage.
[email protected]

Nico Hurst
Education – Journalistics. Interested in US financial markets, microeconomics, politics. Spend most of his time for a local Washington jоurnal.
Nico specializes in economics and financial stories.
[email protected]

Roger Mclean
Banker, writer, ex-athlete. Couple Articles in local newspapers. Roger Mclean is nationalist and shares a famous phrase: “If a nation loses its storytellers, it loses its childhood.”
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